The last party The Plastic Revolution played at San Diego State University went something like this: over a thousand people gathered to see a local pop-punk/electronica band described by a group of sorority girls as, “Like a mixture of The Muse, My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco, and The Used, with better lyrics…” After seven kegs and nine hundred beers, the two bedroom guesthouse collapsed under the mountain of people standing on it; during which time the band didn’t even notice or stop playing until the police stormed into the backyard from all angles.

The Plastic Revolution has an alternative, pop sound with emotional lyrics, edgy, grimy guitar, and a strong percussion. Their new album Postmodern Medicine features the perfect alliance of lyrics and fast-paced, catchy sounds that are raw and deep with feeling. The album took over four years to master, but was definitely well worth the wait.

The Plastic Revolution has performed all over the world, but is based in San Diego, CA. Current band members are Jake Skolnick, Nick Brownlee, and Max Weiss. In the summer of 2012, the band will tour with bassist Eddie Phanichkul and promote their new album Postmodern Medicine across the US and Europe.